Microsoft Office 2013 Training in St. Louis

Microsoft Office 2013 Training St. Louis Mo, ILT Training, Office 2013

Our Microsoft Office 2013 training includes a variety of courses designed to teach individuals of all skill levels about using all of the Office 2013 programs. Our instructor led training is offered by certified instructors to professionals and individuals as well as corporate and government customers. With our MS Office 2013 training, individuals can improve their skills and knowledge for all of the latest Office 2013 programs. This is beneficial for individuals who are hoping to increase their value in the workplace and for companies that are interested in boosting employee productivity and efficiency.

If you are interested in enrolling in any of our Microsoft Office 2013 training courses, please feel free to view our
computer training schedule to see class times and dates. Contact your Learning Advisor for registration details and assistance.

Macintosh/Apple User? You can still attend our courses! Although we teach our courses on Windows, you can still apply what you’ve learned in class to your environment. The program are identical; there are only a few keyboard differences.

Our Microsoft Office 2013 Training Courses

The following are our current Microsoft Office 2013 training courses. These courses are designed to help individuals become trained in the latest Microsoft Office products. They teach everything from the basic beginner information to advanced training for individuals hoping to utilize time saving shortcuts. These Microsoft Office 2013 training courses are also designed for individuals who would like to obtain a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.

Any of our Microsoft Office 2013 training courses can be modified or customized to meet your company’s needs and for Office migration training. Whether you have recently begun the switch to the newest MS Office 2013 products or you just want to ensure that your employees are working at their highest productivity levels, our Microsoft Office 2013 training can help any business or government agency.

Training for Microsoft Office 2013 – New Features

This Microsoft Office 2013 training course is a great overview of the Office 2013 programs. It is designed to show off the newest features to individuals who are familiar with using previous versions of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office365 Training

Microsoft Office Access 2013 Training

Our Microsoft Access 2013 training courses provide important information for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users of this convenient database management program.

Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Training

With our basic, intermediate, and advanced Microsoft Office Excel 2013 training, individuals of all skill levels can become even more familiar with making and editing spreadsheets in this MS Office suite product. With our Transitioning from Excel 2003 to Excel 2013 training, individuals who are using Microsoft Excel 2013 for the first time, but are familiar with the previous version can learn new features and find shortcuts to other commonly used features

Microsoft InfoPath 2013 Training

Microsoft Office Lync Server 2013 End User Training

Our Lync Server 2013 End User training course is an ideal for end users who are interested in learning how to be immediately productive using Lync Server on a daily basis.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 Training

These Microsoft Office 2013 training classes can teach individuals the basics and advanced features of sending emails, adding calendar entries, and managing contacts with the newest Microsoft Outlook version.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 Training

With our basic Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 training, individuals can learn the basics for developing professional presentations. The advanced level of this course teaches individuals further capabilities of this presentation development program.

Microsoft Office Project 2013 Training

Our basic and advanced Microsoft Office Project 2013 training courses help individuals to become more efficient when using this important Microsoft Office tool.

Microsoft Office Word 2013 Training

These Microsoft Office 2013 training courses help individuals who are transitioning to the most recent version of Word and those who want to learn more about using the numerous capabilities that are available in this program.

Microsoft Windows 10 Course Outlines:

Our Microsoft Windows 10 courses are ideal for those who are new to Windows 10 and those who are interested in using it as a business tool.