Instructor-Led Corporate Computer Training

Instructor Led Computer Training

Premier Knowledge Solutions offers a number of types of instructor-led computer training available to companies and organizations. This corporate computer training covers a large variety of topics ranging from IT training and certification courses to Microsoft Office training courses. Whether you are looking for customized computer training for a group or certification training for one or a few employees, our corporate computer training options can meet your company’s needs.

With open enrollment computer training, on-site computer training, and dedicated corporate computer training, our instructor-led computer training is an ideal choice for companies, organizations, and IT departments. Our customized, on-site computer training is our most popular form of instructor-led corporate computer training. This training is a convenient option that allows our training to easily match our customer’s schedule and needs. To learn more about this or any of our corporate computer training options, please contact our St. Louis computer training office to speak with your learning advisor.

Open Enrollment Computer Training

Our open enrollment computer training is available to individuals and organizations with small to medium sized groups of employees needing computer training. This training is provided at our St. Louis computer training facility. It is led by certified instructors and covers a wide variety of topics. The courses available in our open enrollment schedule include many boot camps and comprehensive training courses that prepare individuals for important IT, professional, and Microsoft certifications. These computer training courses are taught according to our predefined course schedules during convenient day time hours. View our current schedule of computer training courses to see upcoming courses as well as class times and dates.

On-Site Computer Training

Our on-site computer training is available for companies, organizations, and departments across Missouri and the United States. With this corporate computer training, we bring our instructors to our customers’ locations to host private computer training classes. This computer training can be taught according to the course outlines on our open enrollment schedule or it can be taught as customized computer training designed to meet each of our customer’s needs.

During our on-site computer training, our certified instructors will come to the customer’s desired location brining all relevant supplies and course materials. This includes full set-up and tear down of computers as well as the provision of training books and required programs. On-site computer training is the ideal form of corporate computer training for many companies and organizations because it allow the business to train a medium to large number of employees in house without having to pay employees for extra time spent on travel. Finally, with this customized computer training, companies can determine the class dates, times, and content that best fit their needs.

Dedicated Corporate Computer Training

Our dedicated corporate training is a private, customized computer training option for organizations and companies. During this computer training our instructors will teach customized course material in private classes at our St. Louis computer training facility. In addition to customized computer training, we can also offer private, dedicated computer training using any of the courses available from our open enrollment schedule. A main benefit of dedicated corporate computer training is that a company or organization can choose the specific times and dates that work best with the company and employees’ schedules. Additionally, with this private training, you individual company’s employees will be the only students in our classroom allowing for more relevant interaction with the instructor.