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Our eLearning, computer based training (CBT) is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional Instructor Led Training. This computer training on-line is an ideal choice for both individuals and organizations because it can easily fit into any busy schedule. With this computer training, individuals can access our classes online in a self-paced environment from any computer with an internet connection. As a leading computer training facility, based out of St. Louis, Premier Knowledge Solutions is able to offer over 4,000 computer based training courses covering topics such as introductory computer skills, IT skills, professional business skills, human resources skills, and legal business skills; many of the classes map to popular certification exams for those students interested in taking their career to the next level. Many of our courses also count for continuing education units (CEUs) and Professional Development Units (PDUs).

If you are interested in learning pricing information as well as additional information about how our computer based training can help you or your company to receive the training you need, please feel free to contact one of our Learning Advisors at Premier Knowledge Solutions.

eLearning Computer Training Course Options

Premier Knowledge Solutions offers a complete variety of courses via our computer training online option. Our eLearning portfolio includes over 4000 classes that cover a broad range of topics from Microsoft Office usability classes to advanced IT skills and professional courses. For example, our eLearning computer based training courses can teach individuals who are just getting started using Windows and Microsoft. Other, more advanced, computer training online courses will prepare students for an IT career or offer important certifications to further an existing career in the IT field. Finally, many of our professional development can courses help professionals working in a broad range of industries.

To see all of the computer based training courses that are available online, contact your Learning Advisor for the latest listing.

  • Business & Professional Development Courses: Computer based training courses available in this category will provide individuals with basic business skills as well as specialized professional skills targeted to specific industries. These courses include Administrative Support Courses, Business Communication Courses, Finance and Accounting Courses, Management Courses, Team Building Courses, Sales Courses, Federal Government Courses, and a variety of Business Certification Courses.
  • Computer Skills Courses: These computer based training courses that are available to students online will help individuals learn everything from basic and introductory computer skills to advanced computer skills. Courses include Microsoft Certification Courses, Desktop Applications Courses, Express Guide Courses, IT Professional Certification Courses, and Test Prep Courses.

Benefits of Computer Training Online

Our eLearning offers a number of benefits both to individuals and to companies. This training covers a broad range of topics and is available on your schedule to meet the needs of even the busiest professionals. Our computer based training online benefits individuals and organizations by:

  • Allowing for training at any time
  • Providing training at each individual’s own pace
  • Offering access to courses from any internet-connected computer
  • Providing training and preparation for important IT and professional certifications
  • Allowing even busy individuals to improve their skills and advance their career
  • Educating employees to improve efficiency, technical, and professional skills