Deep Learning

What is Premier Knowledge Solutions’ Deep Learning®?

  • Unlike traditional Instructor-led classroom methods, Premier Knowledge Solutions’ Deep Learning® Starts with the End.
  • Through a series of increasingly more challenging interrogative exercises, punctuated with current knowledge capture exercises, post-exercise individual and shared group discovery activities, capped by megalab work and social learning resources, Premier Knowledge Solutions’ Deep Learning® begins with the final and correct learning objectives required to master a technology, pass certification exams and or increase your earn power.

Premier Knowledge Solutions’ Deep Learning® starts with the end:

Why would you even consider a training provider who would ever begin instruction without having the final exam and/or job requirements understood and aligned to the correct learning objectives?

  • This portends the end of an era. No more can teachers afford to just teach and teach, and then expect to be evaluated over what they believe that they have taught the students.
  • Preparing pretests before instruction adds another dimension to the classroom learning experience and quite frankly, the entire teaching profession.
    •No longer are you only going to experience “the sage on the stage” telling you what knowledge you need to learn, then demonstrating that knowledge to you, then you performing the task, then reviewing what you just “learned”.
  • In today’s world of over-information, it is quite possible, and probable, that students have learned knowledge and skills independent from their formal education experiences (isn’t that what we want?) It therefore, becomes not only prudent, but vital for teachers to determine what students know before instruction begins in order to customize the instruction to student needs, and not waste time on teaching things the students already know. PKS calls this “Gap-Education or “Gap-ed” for short.

What is the Premier Knowledge Solutions Gap-Ed?

  • PKS instructors use Question-Answer Relationships (QARs) as a way to help students realize that the answers they seek are related to the type of question that is asked; QARs encourage our students to be strategic about their search for answers based on an awareness of what different types of questions to be aware of.
  • Even more important is understanding where the answer will come from. Teaching QARs to our students begins with helping them understand the core notion: that when confronted with a question, the answer will come either from their texts resources or from what they already know.

PKS Deep Learning® puts the YOU back in Ed-you-cation! Today’s best pretests cover exactly the same objectives as the actual certification exam, perhaps different questions, but not necessarily so. Is it wrong to show our students what will be on the final exam to help them prepare for it? Is it wrong to show a pole vaulter the height of the bar before he/she tries to catapult over it? PKS thinks not! With comparable pre and post tests, our instructors (and our students and their prospective job sources and their current bosses) can determine exactly what PKS Deep Learning® has added to that student. How is that so difficult?

PKS Deep Learning® leverages the power of the Group:While focusing on you, Deep Learning also systemically acknowledges the power of collaborative discovery and uses fluid group dynamics to harvest and share the group’s “ah-hah!” and “jaw-dropping” moments with all participants. Synergistic learning is part of what Deep Learning® is all about.