Customized, Dedicated Computer Training

Our customized computer training is the solution for you if …

  • you have a large initiative, but not a lot of time OR
  • need specific content that can be tailored to your needs, pain points or specific certification goals

Premier Knowledge Solutions can help. Our customized computer training (aka private training, just for you and your company), is our a form of our onsite IT training, as both end-users and IT Custom training St. Louis, Onsite computer training global reach, Premier Knowledge Solutions onsite training, private custom trainingProfessionals realize the need for training on tailored content, labs, and instructor time. Your customized computer training or professional development class is taught with our certified & accredited instructor and relevant courseware or class materials. Aside from that, everything else is your call…location, class set up, class times, class dates, content, etc. Since the class is private, content can be customized to fit your specific business requirements.

Customized computer training has become our most requested form of instructor-led training and here’s why:

  • Custom instructor-led computer training is tailored to include real work-output optimization
  • Customized computer training is more concise
    • occurs over a smaller number of days
    • salary savings
    • less downtime
    • faster results
  • Our custom training solution is more relevant to your business-aligned objectives
    • our team of experienced Learning Advisors will work with you to design a course that meets your needs at no additional charge
    • irrelevant content is weeded out
  • Student courseware, whether digital or printed, additional resources and leave behind materials are included
  • PKS provides the mobile fully configured learning lab including a workstation for each student, lab access when applicable and all set-up and tear-down of our mobile learning lab
  • Our customized computer training includes post-course instructor mentoring, digital personalized certificate of completion for each student and access to our PKS alumni group