Consulting and Deployment Services

PKS is more than just instructor-led training. We are also a full-service consulting firm that offers, but is not limited to, Desktop Deployment and SharePoint Deployment Services, Planning & Implementation of upgrades and software rollouts, Network Infrastructure set-up, iPad, iPhone and other tablet and smart phone set-up, Office365 Deployment, Break/Fix and more. Premier Knowledge Solutions Consulting Services, St. Louis MO

Microsoft Desktop Deployment Services & Consulting Services

PKS is a recognized Defined Desktop Deployment Services provider with Microsoft. Our certified DDPS employees will work with you to outline a plan for the deployment of the latest versions of Office and Windows for entitled Software Assurance benefit customers. Not a Software Assurance Benefit customer? We can offer our desktop deployment services to those without that Microsoft Benefit as well. We offer a broad range of planning tools and services that help optimize the effectiveness of deployment, lower the cost and complexity for the customer and pave the way for Desktop deployments.

Customers can use DDPS to help cover the cost of consulting and deployment services that will help them understand why and how to deploy Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Office, or Windows. Depending on the number of days the customer qualifies for, and the services they are interested in receiving, a DDPS engagement may include a variety of services.

Depending upon the scope and length of the engagement, the technology-specific benefits to the customer at the end of an engagement may include the following:

  • Get customer desktops ready to take advantage of the Office 365 Cloud Service and modern server workloads
  • Provide the customer with deployment planning architectural design sessions focusing on image development, Office deployment planning, application compatibility planning and application virtualization planning
  • Give the customer the opportunity to experience the optimized desktop
  • Give the customer an understanding of what is involved in a optimized desktop rollout
  • Deliver strategy, architectural design and deployment planning to assist the customer to deploy the optimized desktop.

Microsoft SharePoint Consulting & Deployment Services

Another benefit for our customers who have Deployment Service Vouchers from Microsoft is SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS). Customers can leverage best practices and plan an effective deployment of SharePoint 2013.

Customers can use SDPS to help cover the cost of consulting and deployment services that will help them understand why and how to deploy SharePoint. Depending on the number of days the customer qualifies for and the services they are interested in receiving a SDPS engagement may include a variety of benefits including:

  • Understanding basic functionality provided by Microsoft SharePoint
  • Leverage an expert for their deployment planning activities and questions
  • Understanding of architectural and operational aspects of Microsoft SharePoint
  • Next steps to continue planning efforts

“Please pass along this compliment to your consultant! He did a great job in getting our Office365/ADFS working to support our remote Outlook needs.”- Steve Hausner, Unicon

Consulting Services

Our highly trained, experienced and certified consultants provide service exclusively to companies who have no IT, limited IT, and/or full-time in-house IT staff for the following services:

  • Server Management, Implementation and Support
  • Desktop and laptop support
  • Printer Support
  • Smart Phone and Tablet Set-up, Support and Integration
  • Remote access/VPN
  • Email and Spam Control
  • Network Security
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery plans
  • Wireless
  • Managed Services including Office365 and other cloud-based programs
  • Support Desk
  • IT Budgeting & Planning Assistance
  • IT office moves and builds

Please contact your Learning Advisor for more details on any of the services listed above at 314.644.6400.