Cisco Training and Certifications: CCNA Certification Training

Cisco Certification Training Courses

Premier Knowledge Solutions, a Centriq company, is based in St. Louis, Missouri and offers a variety of Cisco training and certification classes for IT professionals of all skill and experience levels through our partnership with Sunset Learning Institute. Our Cisco Certification and Training courses will help prepare individuals for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification Exam. Individuals who have achieved a Cisco CCNA Certification have the knowledge and skills required to work as a network administrator. Such skills include the ability to make connections to remote sites via a WAN, to mitigate basic security threats, and to understand the requirements for wireless network access. Hiring Cisco and CCNA Certified employees can help companies and organizations to be assured that they have found qualified and highly trained employees.

Our Cisco CCNA Certification training course is offered as a 5 day, 40 hour course taught from our St. Louis computer training facility. This Cisco training prepares individuals who are interested in an IT career in network administration for the CCNA Certification exams. All of these required CCNA Certification exams are administered through Pearson VUE testing centers. If you are interested in registering for our Cisco training or any of our computer training courses, please feel free to contact our computer training center.

About Our CCNA & CCNP Certification Cisco Training Courses

Our Cisco CCNA Certification training course is a 5-day training course that provides individuals with everything they need to be successful in a Cisco routing and switching environment and to pass the new Cisco CCNA Certification exam. This Cisco Certification training is taught by a certified instructor and includes a combination of hands on labs and training designed to teach individuals the latest technology. With a new lab topology our Cisco training course provides individuals with access to advanced Cisco routers and switches to prepare individuals for the intensive switching simulation on the CCNA exam. By utilizing repetitive hands-on labs, this Cisco training helps individuals to develop the core skills required in a career as a Network Administrator. We also offer the Cisco CCNP Certification Training Course.

This Cisco training course teaches individuals the fundamentals of routing and switching. The Cisco CCNA Certification validates an individual’s ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-sized routed and switched networks. CCNA Certification training covers the use of several important protocols including: IP, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Serial Line Interface Protocol Frame Relay, Routing Information Protocol Version 2 (RIPv2), VLANs, Ethernet, and access control lists (ACLs).

CCNA Training St. Louis MO, Cisco Training St. LouisWho Benefits from Cisco CCNA Certification

Cisco CCNA Certifications can be the first step towards a career as a Network Administrator. During CCNA Certification training, individuals will receive an introduction to advanced Cisco networking. They will also gain important experience configuring routers and switches. Individuals who receive a CCNA Certification will be prepared for all of the tasks and duties required by a Network Administrator. If you are interested in beginning or furthering a career in the IT field as a Network Administrator, you should contact Premier Knowledge Solutions to speak with a Learning Advisor about training for the Cisco CCNA Certification exam.


Advantages that individuals will receive from obtaining a CCNA Certification include:

  • Enhanced abilities and self reliance on one’s own knowledge and skills
  • Improved career opportunities and opportunities for career growth
  • Increased value to companies, organizations, and departments
  • Enhanced perception from co-workers and superiors as a highly skilled, trained, and knowledgeable professional