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WIA and SLATE Career Training St. Louis, MO

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IT Careers and IT jobs are among the highest growing jobs available today. As of December 2015, Information Technology job postings have increased by 19% according to While the IT job market is always changing, several of the top ten job categories today include IT-based careers such as Cyber Security, Network Administration, Software Design, and Software Management.

If you are interested in learning new skills for a career in the IT industry, but you are not interested in spending two to four years at a traditional college or university, the Professionals in Transition Training Program available from Premier Knowledge Solutions is an ideal choice for you. This IT career training program allows individuals to select individual classes in order to achieve certain skills and certifications or to choose from one of many fast-track IT training programs. Therefore, our customizable IT career training program can be the ideal fit for nearly anyone.

To learn more about how our IT computer training can meet your needs, contact us to speak with a learning advisor and to schedule your IT career planning session. Our Learning Advisors are experienced in working with both the local WIA and SLATE St. Louis area offices.

” If it had not have been for the training I received at PKS, I know I wouldn’t have been offered the position because they use both Excel and SQL. Thank you for all your assistance during my time off work and working so hard to find me leads and opportunities”- Danielle A., SQL Server 2014 Track, Career Student 2015-2016

Our IT Career Track Options

With the IT career training from Premier Knowledge Solutions, individuals can either select a few courses to boost their current skill set or they can choose a complete training program in order to learn a new skill set. Our career training allows individuals with some IT training and experience to supplement their existing skills and to improve their career options. This training also includes complete training and education programs that will help individuals to begin a new career in the IT field. Therefore, depending on their particular needs, individuals can either select a career fast track program or they can choose a career training program that allows them to select and pay for only the classes that they need rather than taking all of the “necessary” classes as defined by a career track. In this way, individuals will receive the career training that best meets their needs.

Our IT career computer training includes the following training options:

  • Enrollment in complete one, three or six month career fast-track training programs to allow individuals to learn a new skill set quickly.
  • Selection of individual classes from any particular track in order to allow individuals to take only the classes that make sense for them.
  • Career placement help through our corporate network.

Learn Additional IT Career Training Information

With IT career training from Premier Knowledge Solutions, individuals can qualify to make more money at in-demand jobs or to seek further opportunities in their current company. Our IT career training is a fast track IT training program that allows individuals to develop their current skills and knowledge or to learn new skills. This career training is taught at our St. Louis computer training facility by experienced instructors. With over 40 career training programs approved for government funding, any individual can begin a new career or further their career in the IT industry.

With the IT career training available from Premier Knowledge Solutions, students will:

  • Learn new skills in instructor led courses that utilize lecture, demonstrations, and hands on labs
  • Complete IT career training paths quickly in as little as two months to less than one year
  • Benefit from our targeted approach to IT skill acquisition
  • Receive IT career training taught by certified and experienced instructors
  • Learn the latest skills and most up-to-date information
  • Distinguish themselves with in-depth knowledge and expertise
  • Train for and achieve relevant IT career certifications
  • Receive helpful tips and sharing of relevant job postings
  • Receive updates on what to do and not to do during the job search.
  • Receive social media usage guidelines. (Using social media? Be sure to read this article from CareerBuilder about how prospective employers use social media to research potential new hires.